European QRM Practitioner Network


Who we are


We are a team of QRM experts from different european countries managing large scale QRM Projects acsross Europe.


What we do

- we develop and promote QRM

- we promoted edition of „It’s about time” in 5 languages.

- we work together for the paneuropean clients

- we build know-how, share best practices and standarise approach of QRM impementation

- we create QRM simulations and organize trainings

- we organize masterclasses and meetings with companies which we implemented QRM


Contact us: info@qrmnetwork.eu

We manage large scale QRM Projects across Europe

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)


Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a companywide strategy to reduce lead times across your enterprise. It can bring your products to market more quickly and secure your business prospects by helping you compete in a rapidly changing manufacturing arena. It will increase profitability by reducing non–value–added time, cutting inventory and increasing return on investment.

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